Friday, March 4, 2011

Lisa Leonard Giveaway

Hello sweet friends. Have I got good news for you!

I know you love pretty jewelry just as much as I do. And jewelry with a special meaning is even better.

Well hang on to your hats because look what I am giving away:


You have the chance to win a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry by Lisa Leonard herself.

So technically I am not giving away anything. Lisa is! And she is offering all of my Songbird readers a chance to shop in her store with a $50,- gift card.

I know most of you already know the darling Lisa. But for those of you who have been living under a rock (just kidding…), this is Lisa.


She is beautiful isn’t she. I love her curls! And the way she carries a scarf, awesome.

Lisa is the genius behind Lisa Leonard designs, and I personally think she set the standard for hand stamped jewelry herself.

Lisa is also a blogger. She shares her life as a mother, an artist, a woman and a photographer.


Lisa took this picture. And I think it sums up her amazing talent nicely: a keen eye for beauty, an out-of-the-box perspective, a talent for turning the ordinary into art, and a gift to see beauty in everything around us.

Look how that talent is translated in her jewelry!


Wouldn’t we all like to hang a little camera around our neck? Right next to the big one, we bloggers schlep around with us all the time.

Lisa’s jewelry has meaning, especially when you can customize it exactly the way you want it.

I think every woman would love a necklace with the name(s) of the ones she loves on it.

I sure do.



Well if you would like a handmade Lisa Leonard original too, for yourself or for someone you love, you are in luck.

Enter the giveaway and you’ll receive a $50 gift certificate that you can use to buy your personal favorite from Lisa’s shop.

Anyone from anywhere around the globe can enter, you don’t even have to have a blog.

And this is huge people. Lisa most often only allows North American contestants, but since I am a Euro blogger and I love all of you equally much, I begged Lisa to make this one worldwide. And she agreed!

Here is how you can enter:

Feed knop copy copy

Go to Lisa Leonard's shop and check out all of the options there. Then come back here and leave a comment telling us which piece of beauty you would like to have and why it would have a special meaning to you.

For a second chance….

Number 2

Become a follower of Songbird and come back here to let us know. If you already are a follower you can tell that in your second comment too.

Number 3

Follow Lisa's blog and comment again.

Number 4

Tweet or Facebook or write a post about this giveaway and you can enter a fourth time.

That’s it. Lots of opportunities to win, and you know you want to win….

Be certain that Lisa or I can contact you so make sure your email can be found in your profile or in the comment.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday 13 March, when I will let a Random thingamagee select a winner.

Good Luck,

 vogeltje A2

This giveaway is now closed! The winner is:

Random Number


Congratulations Wanda!!!!