Monday, December 6, 2010

Gadanke ~ Katie’s awesome art journals

Sometime last year I stumbled onto Katie’s blog Making this Home and I started following her immediately. In a world of home décor bloggers who love to go all out on the decorations (and I do consider myself one of them), and who can never resist the urge to bring just one more thing into the house, because it is such a great deal (and I definitely am one of those women too), Katie is refreshing. Her Berlin home was only teeny tiny and that is how she wanted it.

And yes, she can even fly a plane!

Katie and her husband Martin purposely strive for a simple life and they take their readers along for the ride. Watching Katie NOT buy any clothes for over a year now, is so inspiring and has made me think twice about adding something new to my overflowing wardrobe more than once.

In 2009 Katie started her business GADANKE, and it has been thrilling to watch her make it thrive. Gadanke, is a new word made up out of the German Danke (thank you) and Gedanke (thought), and I think it is perfect. Because Katie’s journals are just utterly perfect for using as a Gratitude journal, but they also challenge you to journal your thoughts in new and imaginative ways.


Made out of 100% recycled materials these journals really stand out in a crowd. Katie adds special themes and pages to the journals that act as writing prompts and at the same time she gives you all the space you need to fully express yourself.

The journals come in different colors, like this adorable baby journal.

You are loved

And there are journals for special occasions too. If you are quick you could still get this special Christmas journal in time to put under the Christmas tree.


It’s even on sale now. And look what you’d be getting. Such loveliness inside.


Katie herself is turning the Love Letter journal into a year-long love letter to her Martin. And when I read about that project, I immediately decided to make one for My Love too. I have been taking pictures of him every  month especially for that purpose (shhht, don’t tell him, he is still clueless about that).


I think this idea is so wonderful. When prompted by Katie’s lines it is so much easier to write heartfelt messages to your love, than when staring at an empty blank page.


One of my good intentions for 2011 (yes I have already starting compiling the lists Glimlach), is to start a gratitude journal. And the Gadanke~The Little Things is the perfect journal to start with.

Look at this awesome list to help the thankful thinking along:


My only problem is that I can’t decide which cover I like best, the red or the blue.


Would you like to have a journal? For yourself or for someone you love? Enter the giveaway and one journal of your choice could be coming your way.

Anyone from anywhere around the globe can enter, you don’t even have to have a blog.

Here is how you can enter:

Feed knop copy copy

Go to GADANKE and check out all of the options there. Then come back here and leave a comment telling us which journal you would like to have and what you can use it for.

For a second chance….

Number 2

Become a follower of Songbird and come back here to let us know. If you already are a follower you can tell that in your second comment too.

Number 3

Follow Katie in her journey of a simple life on two continents (talk about living simply) and comment again.

Number 4

Tweet or Facebook or write a post about this giveaway and you can enter a fourth time.

That’s it. Lots of opportunities to win, and you know you want to win….

Be certain that Katie or I can contact you so make sure your email can be found in your profile or in the comment.


This giveaway will be open until Monday 13. December, when I will let a Random thingamagee select a winner.

Good Luck,

vogeltje A2


Random Winner

The winner is number 19:     Miss Marple!!

Congratulations Miss Marple and have fun with your journal.